Fair and White Unify, Purify, Brighten F&W GOLD ULTIMATE

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Unify, Purify, Brighten

F&W Gold Ultimate

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GOLD 2: EVEN TONE Specialized Cream Gel 30 ml 

Brightening and Lightening

Infused with skin softening and boosting anti-oxidants A and E, our Specialized Cream Gel brightens dull sun-damaged skin, restoring skin back to its smooth even-toned appearance.

Main Ingredients: Hydroquinone, Glycerin

GOLD 1: PREPARE Gold Satin Exfoliating Bar Soap

Regenerating and Softening

This gentle exfoliating bar revives skin back to its soft and silky texture as regenerating apricot seed powder cleanses and buffs away dead skin cells, instantly restoring radiance.

Main Ingredients: Apricot exfoliating grains, hydrating Glycerin

GOLD 2: EVEN TONE Gold Maxitone Lotion 350mlLightening and Rejuvenating

Maxi Tone combines a lightening active ingredient with the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E as it evens out and brightens the complexion.

Main Ingredients: Hydroquinone and Glycerin

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