Original Hydra Radiance Body Essential Routine


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A special radiance and body moisturizing beauty routine. 4 steps to clarify and hydrate your skin:
Energy Fresh shower gel enriched with lemon extracts, this shower gel immerses you in an incredible moment of tangy and refreshing freshness. Its melting texture transforms into an energetic foam with revitalizing notes to cleanse the skin and give it a feeling of beneficial freshness.
Energy Fresh exfoliating shower gel, peeling sensation, Its tonic foam with an ultra-fresh and tangy scent cleanses and revitalizes the skin. Purifies, offers a peeling effect, eliminates dead cells and impurities and refines skin texture. With stimulating lemon extracts. An immediate feeling of freshness to bring tone and vitality and leave the skin infinitely soft and fresh.
Brightening glycerin has a double moisturizing and brightening action. It contains humectants (72%) to soften your skin. This treatment gives your skin a visibly clearer and radiantly beautiful complexion.
The ultra-hydrating, very rich and unctuous body cream hydrates dry and dehydrated skin. Its formula contains Marine Collagen to reinforce its anti-dryness action. This pleasantly scented treatment helps the skin regain its comfort and softness for an incomparable velvety appearance.

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