Face Perfector Routine So white


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A special facial clarity beauty routine. 4 steps to clarify and purify your skin:
Purifying lotion to purify the epidermis and tighten pores. It contains Aloe Vera and leaves an immediate sensation of freshness.
The exfoliating soap, with its creamy foam with a heady fragrance and its exfoliating microbeads, this soap cleanses and facilitates the elimination of dead cells and rids the skin of impurities. Unified and revitalized, the skin regains its radiance.
The serum, the pleasure of a unique texture that melts into the skin with a feeling of softness and lightness. Thanks to its brightening active ingredient, this Serum hydrates, evens out and smoothes the skin in a single step. To be used as a cure in combination with a Skin Perfector treatment.
The Skin Perfector cream, creamy lightening cream, rich and comfortable, for a feeling of softness. Pigmentation spots are reduced, skin texture is refined. Unified, the skin shines with a new radiance.

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