Essential Purifying Face Routine | Original

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A special radiance and purifying beauty routine for the face. 4 steps to purify and give radiance to your skin:
The purifying lotion was designed for oily, acne-prone skin. To gently purify the skin, fight against small pimples and blackheads and smooth the skin texture. Contains Panthenol and Aloe Vera gel known for their soothing properties. DERMAPURE immediately leaves a feeling of freshness and comfort.
Exfoliating soap with apricot kernels accelerates the elimination of dead cells. While deeply cleansing the epidermis, this soap leaves the skin smooth, unified and luminous.
Brightening Serum was developed to be a unique brightening concentrate to clarify skin tone and even out skin tone.
The face lightening cream, its rich and creamy formula provides effective action against unsightly pigment spots and visible lightening of your skin. Result: little by little the spots fade, your complexion lights up.

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